I am a graphic designer, book designer and editor. I am also a poet. The Elder Project brings all my passions together and I am grateful to have worked with Wendy Morton since the very first Elder Project book. When an Elder Project happens on Vancouver Island, I travel to the schools with Wendy, meet the youth and the Elders and listens in on the stories the Elders share.  Thank you to Sandra Lynxleg for being a champion of the Elder Project and helping these poems and books of poems make their way into the world.  

Rhonda Ganz


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Sandra Lynxleg BEd, MFA

Rhonda Ganz 

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​​Don’t you just love these books, the poems, and graphic designs!  Bravo Wendy Morton and Rhonda Ganz for the Elder Project and releasing these gems to the world.  The Elder Project has changed my life, changed other’s lives, and they’re changing Indigenous pedagogical practices across British Columbia.   I am honoured to work with these brilliant women.  Thrilled to be involved with this ever growing project.  My role is twofold:  I co-produced three Elder Project books with Wendy and Rhonda for School District 22 Vernon  Together with the Children, With All Our Knowledge, and Through the Eyes of the Elders  and I am the Web Master.  Also, I am a writer, poet, and teacher.  If you’d like to learn more about me visit: http://​www.sandralynnlynxleg.ca

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